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    Liputan6.com, Jakarta Libur Idul Fitri 2018 sudah lewat. Namun, tahukah kamu bahwa setelah itu masih ada tanggal merah (libur nasional) yang bisa dimanfaatkan untuk berlibur. Terdekat ialah pada bulan Agustus 2018. Terdapat dua tanggal merah, yaitu tanggal 17 Agustus dan 22 Agustus 2018. Yap, hal itu bisa dimanfaatkan buat kamu yang ingin liburan. BACA JUGA Cara Baru […]

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  • 5 best Trekking experiences in Java

    There are some moments we experience only once in a lifetime, yet they have the power to fundamentally change and shift the way that we look at life, forever. This may be a bold statement, but this is what many who have trekked the ethereal volcanic slopes in Bali Indonesia have asserted.  While there is […]

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  • Top 5 most romantic restaurants in Bali

    There are few places on Earth with as many intimate, private, and wildly romantic dining places as the island of Bali. Known for the artistry in all they do, the Balinese have created visually beautiful nooks all across the island that are ideal for couples. Many are private cabanas by the sea or elevated platforms overlooking the […]

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  • 9 Incredible Kuala Lumpur Hotels With Infinity Pools

    Kuala Lumpur’s historic city skyline stretches out before you, revealing glistening high rises, centuries-old minarets and lush banyan trees. It’s this living tapestry that makes a hotel’s infinity pool in Kuala Lumpur so inviting. The following nine Kuala Lumpur hotels not only feature magical on-site infinity pools, but also pamper you with unexpected luxuries. Mandarin […]

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  • 6 Incredible ways to experience Lombok

    Lombok Island is located east of Bali, covered in beautiful secluded beaches and amazing surfing spots. Although still modest and not as well known by mass tourism, this adds to the charm and leaves a feeling of untouched paradise. From dream-like beaches to volcanic peaks and lively green rice paddies, there’s no shortage of attractions or activities. […]