5 best Trekking experiences in Java

There are some moments we experience only once in a lifetime, yet they have the power to fundamentally change and shift the way that we look at life, forever. This may be a bold statement, but this is what many who have trekked the ethereal volcanic slopes in Bali Indonesia have asserted.  While there is an undeniable appeal associated with a beach holiday focused on frolicking in the crystal clear blue waters and soaking up the sun on the sandy white shores; expanding your horizons by incorporating some trekking could elevate your holiday to the level of being an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

Here is a list of the top five places to consider when planning your next hiking or trekking trip in Indonesia:

# 1 Mount Merapi – Yogyakarta (Central Java)

Trekking on Mount Merapi overnight to admire one of the most scenic mountain tops

Among all of the 150 volcanoes in Indonesia, Merapi is the most active one (last eruption in 2010). This is the reason why it a priority destination for many trekkers. Even its name “Merapi� means the Fire Mountain. The trek begins at a small village called Selo, which is situated between Mt. Merapi and Mt. Merbabu. At the peak of the mountain; above the clouds, you can witness yet another stunning sunrise and enjoy the unbelievable scenery of the beautiful Java. Once your trek is completed, you can enjoy a visit to Ketep Pass, where you can see the “Volcano Center and Volcano Theatre� showcasing the story of Merapi eruptions throughout history.

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# 2 Mount Merbabu – Yogyakarta (Central Java)

Trekking of Mt. Merbabu (3,142m). A true challenge for the mountain lover.

Mount Merbabu is a well-known destination among trekkers. The local “Javanese� call it; “The Mountain of Ash�, and Mt. Merbabu has stunning views in all the directions at its peak. One of them includes a clear view of Mount Merapi from the other side. There are many paths to choose from when trekking Mount Merbabu, and each has beautiful views that you can experience. The trek can be done in one day, but for the more courageous trekkers who love challenges, the trek can be longer.

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# 3 Kawah Ijen (crater) – East Java

Tour of Ijen Crater with experienced and English speaking guide

The crater of Ijen is considered to be one of the “Jewels of Java�. Surrounded by the sulfur mines, you will see the minors going back and forth carrying sulfur in their bamboo baskets. Once down the crater, at night, you will have the opportunity to see the magnificent blue fires made from the sulfur. At the moment of the sunrise, the water of Kawah Ijen turns a breathtakingly beautiful turquoise blue color when it mixes with the morning sun rays. The view is almost surreal.  When you trek to the rim of the crater, you will be treated to another stunning view of the whole lake emerging from the clouds.

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# 4 Mount Bromo – Surabaya East Java 

Exploring the Mount Bromo over a day trip

Mount Bromo is the most famous volcano in Indonesia. Located in East Java; between Surabaya and Yogyakarta, a trek to Bromo is a must. Unlike the other volcanoes; such as Rinjani for instance, Mount Bromo is not surrounded by water, but rather with a fine volcanic sand called “Sea Sand�. Besides enjoying the spectacular sunrise over the volcano and the beautiful nature surrounding it, a trek to Mount Bromo can be inspirational and many people find it quite spiritual as well. While trekking you can see the Tenggerese houses, with 30 villages holding nearly 100.000 Tenggerese people. It is believed that they are the descendants of Majapahit princes. Another thing not to miss is the Pura Luhur Poten Hindu temple where a big festival is organized annually to honor Kasada, the princess who was sacrificed to the Gods.

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#5 Explore even more with a combo Bali/Java trekking tour

Swim into a Secret Garden & jump off a beautiful waterfall and trek the extraordinary Mt. Ijen

Take your holiday to the next level by treating yourself to a 3-day North Bali and East Java trekking tour. You can experience three days of non-stop activities and hiking that will satisfy your sense of adventure. You can visit a secret garden with an undisclosed location (so that it remains  a secret) and jump off Kembar Waterfall on your first day. On day two you can make the somewhat challenging hike up to Ijen Crater in East Java where you can take in the stunning panorama views from the peak, and witness the other worldly view of Ijen’s famous “Blue Fire�. Day three is a primed for “chill-laxing� as you take the edge off by exploring the pristine waters off of Menjangan Island in West Bali.

No matter where you’re traveling in Indonesia, there are hiking trails to enjoy. Grab your shoes, and get ready for a hiking adventure!

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5 Best Trekking Experiences in Bali


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