6 Incredible ways to experience Lombok

Lombok Island is located east of Bali, covered in beautiful secluded beaches and amazing surfing spots. Although still modest and not as well known by mass tourism, this adds to the charm and leaves a feeling of untouched paradise.

From dream-like beaches to volcanic peaks and lively green rice paddies, there’s no shortage of attractions or activities. To ensure you experience every side of this growing haven for travelers, take a look at this list of 6 Incredible ways to experience Lombok 

1. Challenge yourself and trek up Mount Rinjani

Activities in Lombok
Mount Rinjani Trekking

Embark on a two-day adventure hike up Mount Rinjani and tick off the tough but very rewarding trek off your bucket list. The first day begins with an early breakfast and a trek to Crater Rim Sembalun, over looking brilliant views that give you excitement of what’s to come the next day. Trekking equipment, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Bed Mats, Toilet Tent, Pillow, Camping Chair, Cooking Gear are all provided, leaving you with a comfortable stay at Sembalun village for the night. Wake up to warm cooked breakfast at 2:30 am to fuel yourself for the trek to sunrise. Be guided by friendly professionals that keep you going with great stories and conversations of like-minded travelers. After 4 hours of trekking to summit, all of your frustrations and tiredness will fade away as the sun rises and shines over the lush green scenery. Book the brilliant two days and one night trek here.

2. Go on a Land Rover Safari and bathe in waterfalls

Activities in Lombok
Landrover Safari

Explore the wilderness of Lombok with this must-see and do adventure in Bali. The day trip begins on a 40-minute ride from Senggigi on a Land Rover to your first destination, a hidden waterfall in Lombok. Jump into clear waters and embrace the surrounding views, offering complete serenity. Get your camera ready and be prepared to marvel at your next destination, the Royal King Garden. The park stretches out 2 hectares and was built by the King of Mataram Lombok in 1727. Hop on board a Land rover for a jungle ride to banana village where wholeheartedly welcome you into their abode. End the tour with a 2 Km long river tubing, discovering lush green rice fields and stunning surroundings along your journey. Ride along the stream to a delicious lunch break at a natural resort encompassing the beautiful Indonesian scenery. Book your adventure here. 

3. Full day snorkeling trip around Gili Nanggu

Activities in Lombok
Snorkleing Gili islands

Spend the day visiting paradise islands and enjoy a Lombok tour that’s like no other. The snorkeling adventure and trek into sukarara village begins at Sekotong Bay where an experienced local guide will show you around to three majestic islands, Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede and finally Gili Sudak. Enjoy a refreshing lunch break on white sand beaches and jump into tropical warm waters to continue exploring the diverse marine life residing in Lombok’s clear blue sea. Even the shallow waters are filled with tropical sea life, making it the perfect adventure day for children and families. Stop by the Sukarara Village in the afternoon and learn about the local culture and famous hand weaving workshops. The islands are popular among locals on the weekends, it’s advised to visit during the week for a less crowded experience. Book a day trip here.

4. Go horse riding on Lombok South Beaches

Activities in Lombok
Sunset horse riding in Lombok

Make your trip to Lombok an unforgettable one with a sunset horse ride along the beach. The two hour ride along the pristine beaches of Kuta, allows you to sightsee passing coconut plantations, mangrove trees, and fishing villages where you’ll finally descend up Mount Nyale to catch the stunning tropical sunset overlooking East Bali beaches. Professional staff and well-trained horses make it easy for riders of all levels feel at ease and enjoy an effortless experience. It’s the perfect activity for honeymooners or families in Lombok. Book a ride here.

5. Take a trip to majestic hidden waterfalls

Activities in Lombok
Hidden waterfall Lombok

Enrich yourself with what Lombok has to offer and embark a day trip to beautiful waterfalls hidden in rice fields and hills at the foot of Rinjani volcano. Embrace scenic views of nature that are tucked away from more tourists and leave the crowd behind on an hour ride to the jungle. During the rain seasons, the roads aren’t assessable by vehicles therefore you’ll be dropped off and guided on a short 10 minute walk to your first waterfall, Benang Stokel. Simply continue walking another 30-minutes and you’ll reach the second hidden waterfall, Benang Klambu. On this blissful walk, you’ll pass a banana plantation and a many small hills, making the tour even more rewarding. Bring the whole family along for a day filled with exploration and adventure. Enjoy the adventure here.

 6. Fun diving trip to Gili Islands

Activities in Lombok
Diving in Lombok

Calling all ocean lovers! Embark on a full day of diving and Experience first hand, the rich and colourful marine life that Gili Island has to offer. Put your diving certificate to good use and uncover all of Lombok’s hidden beauty on a guided tour by experienced instructors. Select different dive sites located near North Lombok and South Kuta based on your diving abilities and what you’d like to experience. A maximum of 4 people are allowed in each tour, ensuring it’s safe and perfect for making like-minded new friends on holiday. Book your exploration dive here.

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