• Lombok
  • 6 Incredible ways to experience Lombok

    Lombok Island is located east of Bali, covered in beautiful secluded beaches and amazing surfing spots. Although still modest and not as well known by mass tourism, this adds to the charm and leaves a feeling of untouched paradise. From dream-like beaches to volcanic peaks and lively green rice paddies, there’s no shortage of attractions or activities. […]

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  • ‘Kura-Kura Raksasa’ di Pantai Sungkun, Lombok

    Selain dikenal dengan pulau seribu masjid, Lombok juga disebut pulau seribu pantai. Pantai-pantai di sana sangat menawan dan punya ciri khas, seperti Pantai Sungkun di Lombok Timur, yang memiliki ‘kura-kura raksasa’. Kalau ditanya oleh orang-orang, di mana pantai yang paling tersembunyi di Lombok? Saya akan memilih Pantai Sungkun yang tepat berada di Desa Ekas Buana. […]

  • Lombok
  • Top 10 Best Things to Do in Lombok

    Last month, the eOasia team was travelling in Lombok and has selected for you the best things to do you should not miss while being there. We hope to make your trip unforgettable on this wonderful island. Surfing and Kite Surfing in Lombok Lombok is THE place for extreme water sports such as surfing and kitesurfing. […]

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  • 5 Days Itinerary in Lombok

    The beautiful island of Lombok can be accessed via air (20 minutes flight from Bali, 90 mins flight from Jakarta) or by sea (2 hours by speedboat from Bali). As the airport and the harbor are located at different parts of the island, we have came up with 2 different itineraries that will best utilize […]