• Indonesia
  • Meet Jean Marc Reynier creator of Nagaindo

    Jean Marc Reynier is a man with a passion for yoga, food and business and is fluent in 6-languages including Chinese Mandarin. WILLIAMS MEDIA caught up with him at Kuta’s Horizon, the in-house restaurant and lounge at Ashtari, a landmark iconic cliff view property on Lombok’s beautiful south coast. Nagaindo are a full-scale investment boutique […]

  • Lombok
  • Nagaindo Opportunity ; CLIENT’S PROJECT 2018

    Inspired by traditional Indonesian architecture our clients and their architects study modern comfortable and sustainable designs, thus respecting Lombok natural beauty. As Nagaindo portfolio of land has matured, some assets are now ready to sustain their dream plans. Kuta Skyline development above Ashtari Estate has completed servicing Stage 1 and the first 3 ambitious villas will break ground in 2018. That includes 3 […]

  • Business

    South Lombok is in full swing with government led tourism project Mandalika about to start the construction of several 5-star hotels. Outside their 1,300ha area, commercial activity is brisk (especially Kuta village) and the demand for architects and builders exceeds available talent. In fact businesses are struggling to find the needed skilled labor and middle managers to benefit […]

  • Lombok
  • Nagaindo Opportunity ; MANDALIKA BEACH & RESIDENCE

    While most of South Lombok remains pristine and highly adventurous, needed infrastructure is being built on Mandalika, a limited 1,400ha area between Gerupuk and Kuta village. An amazing developer from California, EBD Paragon, have joined the Mandalika project in South Lombok, as President Jokowi brought clear guidance and commitment from the government with the Special Economic Zone […]

  • Lombok
  • Nagaindo Opportunity ; KUTA SKYLINE INTO SERVICING & VILLA

    Nagaindo has upgraded its site Kuta Skyline in Ashtari area to Stage 2.Servicing is starting ahead of the construction of 2 villas. That includes dirt works, access road, drainage and retaining walls as well as high voltage electricity. All factors have turned green in order for Nagaindo partners to make this move. Neighboring landmark Ashtari, its Lounge, […]