The Most Unique Activities for your holidays in Asia

“New year, New Me“. Bettering yourself should have no limit.  What is your “New Year, New Me” Challenge? How about “New year, New Destination”? To Start your year with an amazing adventure, we’ve selected the most unique Activities for your holidays in Asia in 2018.

Most Unique Activity #1

Pesta Lobster Romantic Dinner in Jimbaran (BALI)

Romantic getaway onto a privatized jetty

A private jetty for a Romantic dinner night? Treat yourself with this unique romantic dinner! A delightful 5 course dinner with Lobster as the main star, at 30 meters away from the water and xylophones soft music all in a spectacular venue! Can it be more “romantic� than that?

Most Unique Activity #2

Highest Extreme Skydive in Asia, Around Pattaya (Thailand)

Freefall above the tropical Thai coastline

Dare to try this ultimate extreme sports experience for a good dose of adrenaline with amazing views of the coastline! With the highest skydive in Asia, enjoy a longer freefall and admire the view the stunning tropical Thai coastline. 60 seconds of pure adrenaline, this is what we call once in a lifetime experience!

Most Unique Activity #3

 Helicopter Tour Above Angkor Wat, Floating Village, & Roluos Temples, Around Siem Reap (CAMBODIA)

30-minute helicopter ride around Siem Reap and discover Angkor's wonders from above
Helicopter Ride above Angkor Wat, Floating Villages & Roluos Temples

Take to the skies with a 30-minute helicopter ride around Siem Reap and discover Angkor’s wonders from above. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a unique scenery and bring back unforgettable memories. Accompanied by one of the best operators in the area, this ride is worth the try.

Most Unique Activity #4

Private Harley Davidson Coastal Tour, Around Phnom Penh (CAMBODIA)

10 most unique activities to do in Asia
Adrenaline pumping fun Riding a Harley Davidson around Phnom Penh

How about 2 days / one night trip in the south of Cambodia riding a Harley Davidson motorbike? Go for this thrilling experience and explore the wonders of the nature all along the trip. Better yet, discover the Khmer Culture and many hidden places no one knows about!

Most Unique Activity #5

Private Romantic Cave Dining On The Beach, around Nusa Dua (BALI)

The 10 most unique activities in Asia
Cave Dining in Nusa Dua

Planning for a unique proposal? or simply celebrating love? This place is the place! With a 4 course candlelight dinner, on a private beach in Nusa Dua and absolutely private space, enjoy one of the most romantic dinners you can get in Bali!  

Most Unique Activity #6

Khaosok & Cheow Lan Lake Explorer – Stay in Luxury Tent Camp, Around Phuket (THAILAND)

10 most unique activities in Asia
One Night in your Luxury Tent Camp

Discover the scenery of spectacular hills & mountains!  In a floating raft house bungalows surrounded by crystal clear water, mountains and rainforest, enjoy the most peaceful moments!

Most Unique Activity #7

Hot Air Balloon Sky Adventure,  Around Chiang Mai (THAILAND)

10 Most Unique Activities in Asia
Breathtaking hot air balloon flight above beautiful Chiang Mai as the sun arises

Witness Chiang Mai’s sunrise at its best while flying over trees, villages, lakes, wildlife… Fly over Chiang Mai and witness a spectacular sunrise and pop some champagne once you land! This unique experience will be remembered for a long time!  

Most Unique Activity #8

Moyo & Satonda Island Exploration, Around Gili Islands (BALI)

10 most unique activities in Asia
Exploration of the underwater world

Cruise along the empty Lombok and Sumbawa coastlines by day & sleep on deserted beaches by night. Explore the beauty of the underwater world, the beautiful tropical views, the unique sunsets and everything that an island have to offer!

Most Unique Activity #9

Full Jeep Tour From Siem Reap to Kbal Spean & Banteay Srey (CAMBODIA)

Jeep Ride to the Bantey Srey temple complex, Kbal Spean and Bantey Sammre
Jeep Ride to the Bantey Srey temple complex, Kbal Spean and Bantey Sammre

Put on your Explorer clothes & experience the beautiful Cambodian countryside in a very unique way! Buckle up for a whole day tour in a Jeep around Siem Reap and visit the ruins of the temples there!

Most Unique Activity #10

 Canyoning In Aling Gorges, around Munduk (Bali)

10 most Unique Activities in Asia
Canyoning in a marvel of Balinese nature all along the descent

Just imagine heaven on earth? so close to rice fields of Sembangan in Bali and so far away from modern life once you get into it. Brace yourself for a day full of adrenaline and sports’ spirit! In one of the best natural spots you can see: enjoy canyoning, rappels in the heart of the nature, natural crystal water pools and many more marvels in this little heaven.

Did you make up your mind where to go? What to do? We hope you enjoyed reading our article of the most unique Activities for your holidays in Asia in 2018. If you’re still hesitating or looking for more inspirations, check these articles:


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