Top 5 Fun and Unusual Tours in Bangkok

The lively and bustling capital of Thailand is a place you should not miss during your travel to Asia, it has become one of the most inescapable place for all kind of travellers.

Despite being a tourist hub and becoming a modern city, Bangkok has kept colourful traditions and a welcoming authentic Thai culture. Bangkok itself has so much to offer that it makes the vibrant city a perfect place for all kind of explorers and adventurers.

Top 5 Fun and Unusual Tours in Bangkok
Top 5 Fun and Unusual Tours in Bangkok

What comes to your mind when we say “Bangkok” ? Most people would first think about its infamous nightlife, then probably shopping in those new trendy malls and markets of all kind, without forgetting the mouth watering Thai food and its endless offer of street food, restaurants and bars.

For others, it is more about the unique cultural immersion that Bangkok offers through its colourful floating markets, flower markets, majestic Buddhist temples, tuk tuk rides, etc. Needless to mention the infinite offer of exotic Thai Spa treatments and massages.

Top 5 Fun and Unusual Tours in Bangkok
Top 5 Fun and Unusual Tours in Bangkok

To make it short, there are plenty of things to see and do in Bangkok and there are probably a few things to do in Bangkok that you have never thought of!

Those 5 Bangkok tours listed below are not only fun and unusual but they will also offer you a complete experience of everything you must see in Bangkok.

  1. Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk Tour

Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk Tour
Bangkok Night Lights Tuk Tuk Tour

Stop at no more than 7 of the most iconic attractions of Bangkok, while being guided by your Tuk Tuk driver. Obviously this tour would not happen during the day because of the traffic, and you will be amazed to see how smooth it is at night!

During this tour, you’ll be driven from place to place in the most entertaining way of transport in Bangkok. Make sure to come with an empty stomach, as you will also be doing a few culinary stops in different spots of the city, among them the best Phad Thai in town where a table will be reserved for you, and a tasty dessert in Chinatown at the end of the trip.

One of the highlight of this adventure is the intimate visit of the Wat Pho temple, that becomes a mysterious experience at night, do wander around this 200 years old temple and its majestic stupas, this will definitely give you an unforgettable memory of your Bangkok trip!

Later on, you will also have the chance to walk into the flower market  where the vivid colours come alive under the fluorescent lights. This famous Bangkok market usually wakes up at night and you will arrive at the right time before it gets crowded and will have a chance to walk into some hidden areas of the market that your guides know very well.

The trip finishes with a dessert in the largest Chinatown of the world, and a night full of good memories.

Tuk Tuk Bangkok Tour is a must do in Bangkok, as you will get to see much more than the usual day tours. Guides are very cultured, and the trip perfectly organised.

Book your Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tour here.

  1. Boat & Cycling Tour in the heart of Chinatown

Boat and Cycling Tour in the heart of Chinatown in Bangkok.
Boat & Cycling Tour in the heart of Chinatown in Bangkok.

Cycle through the Bangkok off the beaten paths and get an insight on the daily Thai life behind the scene. This tour, led by expert Dutch & Thai guides is one of the most recommended and most appreciated by all kind of travellers. It is definitely an unusual experience as you would never imagine seeing Bangkok that way.

You’ll be starting this 5 hours tour by cycling through narrow alleyways and small side streets of Chinatown while feeling immersed by the frenesy of the bustling Chinatown’s atmosphere, you will also get to stop at some temples and attractions.

Later on, you will reach the end of the road, facing the river, and will switch your bike into a longtail boat,  during this short ride you can observe another dimension of the daily Thai life.

While you reach the last route in a quieter side of Bangkok, you will be riding on a narrow strip of road in a peaceful jungle and enjoy a lunch in a quiet scenery.

We loved this tour because you really get a feel of what the real Bangkok looks like, there is no better way to explore the hidden paths of Bangkok, plus the guides are very knowledgeable which is a real added value to a tour in Bangkok.

If you are looking for a more active way of visiting Bangkok and getting a closer look at the Thai life behind the scene, you should have no doubt that this tour is made for you.

No more doubts about what to do in Bangkok, just book your boat & cycling tour here !

  1. Walking Food Tour Off The Beaten Track

Walking food tour in Bangkok
Walking Food Tour Off The Beaten Track in Bangkok.

For having tried a few food tours all over Asia, we can assure you that this one is one of the best, and this is not for no reason that some of the guests in our group were doing the tour for the 2nd or 3rd time!

This tour will awake all your senses, not only your palate. You will get to smell and see how the curry pastes are prepared, plus a feel of the Thai way of life while wandering in those small back alleys. Eat with your hands interesting and different kinds of fruits and intriguing local food, also learn a few words of Thai as you will probably exchange some words with the locals to tell them how delicious it was! “Aroy mak mak” would be the correct way to say “Delicious!”

The tour samples different kind of Thai dishes from different regions of Thailand, from curry puff, fried bananas, chinese teas, a local’s favourite duck shop, Isaan food, mouthwatering Thai desserts you will get a taste of everything that needs to be tasted in Thailand!

The journey ends in a luxurious restaurant from the royal Thai family where we tasted a green curry chicken and a mango ice cream to end our fabulous journey!

In addition to all these yummy dishes, guides have a good sense of humor and will also give a bit of history and cultural background along the tour. You can question them on anything!

Enjoy a great balance of walking and food tasting during this 4 hours morning tour, and of course make sure to come with an empty stomach!

Foodie traveller or not, Bangkok first timers or not, Locals or Expats, this tour will be an unforgettable food tasting experience !

We highly recommend you to book this walking food tour when visiting Bangkok, more information here!

  1. Bangkok Hangover Tour

Bangkok Hangover Tour
Bangkok Hangover Tour

The Bangkok Hangover Tour is a must thing to do to complete your Bangkok itinerary, it is also a safe and fun way to visit some places you would not dare to go on your own.

Described by CNN as a “safe way to see Bangkok seedier side”, Bangkok nightlife specialists will bring you in the most happening night clubs and bars, ladyboys shows or thai boxing shows of Bangkok.

As soon as you arrive you will be treated to Mike Tyson face tattoo (washable, of course!), from this moment you will be on your way to relive the Hangover 2 movie and forget about the rest.

The tour will start in Soi Cowboy where movies scene of the Hangover were filmed, and all along the tour you will be following the steps of The Hangover movie characters from Nana Plaza to Pat Pong. You can also request to go to the famous Vertigo rooftop bar, which is not part of the tour but can be added on request.

The good thing about this tour is that you can customise it at your own pace and taste, if you prefer to avoid go go bars this is possible, just let know your guides in advance. Also, you will avoid potential “rip off” as we have all heard about the parties that went wrong in Bangkok, this is a 100% safe journey into Bangkok’s nightlife and this is what makes it successful.

Read about the complete Hangover Tour itinerary right here.

  1. Bangkok Scooter Tours

Scooter Tour in Bangkok
Scooter Tour in Bangkok

Drink & Ride, Eat & ride, or just go for the Real Deal – a $50 tour that shows you most Bangkok attractions in three hours, while listening to your guide talking into your headset, seating comfortably at the back of a scooter.

This tour is a fun way to get a quick introduction to Bangkok and a lot of fun as you can witness the busy city of Bangkok and its attractions.

These tours were designed by expats who are definitely Bangkok addicts, so be sure that they will be able to answer all your questions and give you the best tips.

They also offer a great deal to go out which is the Drink & Ride Scooter Tour, that brings you to the best rooftop bars of the city and most swanky happening venues. Hop on, Hop off, 5 stops, 5 shots, and since you are not driving you can drink as much as you like! This is for sure one of the best way to discover the Bangkok night life in a decent and trendy way !

Another option would be their Evening Scooter Tour & Food Safari. Again, be sure that they will bring you in some of the best venues to taste the most decadent Thai & Asian dishes, you can expect during this food safari a 3 course meal in 3 different stops, carefully handpicked by your hosts. You will be given a list of restaurants, and be assured that all of them are worth the ride!

Check out here all the scooter tours in Bangkok!

Evening Scooter and food safari
Evening Scooter and food safari

We guarantee you that trying one of these tours will make you fall in love with Bangkok, and believe us each of the tours described above offer a totally different experience, you should actually try all of them, if you have the time of course 🙂

Top 5 Fun and Unusual Tours in Bangkok
Top 5 Fun and Unusual Tours in Bangkok

If this is not enough, we suggest you having a list at our extensive list of activities proposed in Bangkok!

Have fun!!


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