Top 5 most romantic restaurants in Bali

There are few places on Earth with as many intimate, private, and wildly romantic dining places as the island of Bali. Known for the artistry in all they do, the Balinese have created visually beautiful nooks all across the island that are ideal for couples. Many are private cabanas by the sea or elevated platforms overlooking the jungle made of intricately carved wood abundant in soft cushions, and of course, always lit by candles. We all differ in our unique ways to express and show love.

Which kind of lover are you and where will you take your loved one for a special evening out together? Check our top 5 most romantic restaurants in Bali:

Most Romantic Restaurant #1

The Extravagant and Eclectic One

5 of the most Romantic Restaurants in Bali
Extravaganza Dinner in Jimbaran

If you like class and decadence, this one is for you! The Extravaganza romantic dinner in Jimbaran is perfectly located for a stunning sunset over a 7 course meal, during which you will be serenaded by a uniquely Balinese performance. Lit by dozens of candles and decorated with Balinese umbrellas and flowers, in a private dining space overlooking the sea, you shall delight in dishes such as Smoked Salmon Tartare with Cucumber Dill Salad and Sevruga Caviar and Coconut White Chocolate Crème Brulee Napoleon with Caramelized Banana, Green Tea Crème Anglaise and Tamarillo Sauce. Poetic in its description, the food is fabulous, but it is the little touches, such as your host greeting you will a garland of flowers and a single red rose that make this experience a memorable affair for lovers.

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Most Romantic Restaurant #2

The Sensual Foodie

most romantic restaurants in Bali aphrodisiac picnic
Aphodisiac picnic in bed at the beach

Food can be a strong aphrodisiac and what better way to get your amorous feelings flowing than by sharing vibrantly rich flavors together, flavors so tasty you might even find yourselves feeding one another tenderly! Experience your own 18th century antique bed, beautifully illuminated by oil lanterns and a red dusky Canggu sky, where you will be tucked in for an intimate gourmet picnic under the moonlight – that ends with two blindfolds accompanying your to-die-for desserts. Arrive early with your loved one for cocktails, watch the sun set across the ocean before enjoying a beautiful dinner illuminated by oil lanterns under a moonlit sky.

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Most Romantic Restaurant #3

The Sentimental Sweetheart

5 of the most Romantic Restaurants in Bali
Cave Dining in Nusa Dua

If you are a madly devoted lover and enjoy the elements of nature, Cave Dining in Nusa Dua is for you! Caves evoke nurturing, safety, and beginnings. Recall how you first fell in love in the intimacy of a natural candlelit cave on a secluded beach in Bali’s Southern peninsula. Dishes, aptly named “Sweet Love Symphony� or “Truly, Madly, Deeply�, for example, are served by your own private butler. You may choose to reach this special location either by walking down 120 steps to the sea, hand in hand, or by riding in style in a vintage Toyota Landcruiser. Surprise your lover with one of the most intimate and unique dining occasions imaginable.

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Most Romantic Restaurant #4

The Nature Lover

5 of the most Romantic Restaurants in Bali
Bird’s Nest Dinner in Ubud

Ubud is a charming village, surrounded by verdantly green rice paddies and lush jungle. The Bird’s Nest Romantic Dinner overlooks the Agung river and is a cosy nook nestled beneath a canopy of stars. As the river gently murmers beneath you, enjoy a five course meal including dishes such as divine lobster, vegetable risotto, and creamy portobello mushroom soup. Private, tranquil, and intimate the bird’s nest venue is one of the most romantic restaurants in Bali.

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Most Romantic Restaurant #5

The Infinitely Passionate One

5 of the most Romantic Restaurants in Bali
Twilight Dinner in Ubud

The Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa is named for the exotic butterflies that flutter about, and this romantic experience is sure to generate butterflies within as well! In this Twilight, secluded dining experience on a unique floating platform over an infinity pool and surrounded by flower petals is about as romantic as it gets. Dishes include Salmon and Sea Scalllop Carpaccio with lemon and olive oil dressing or Potatoes fondant, and BBQ Veggie burnt rosemary and Mint Agar Tiramisu, amongst others. Both the meal and the setting are absolutely exquisite!

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Of course the flame of love begins within, however, the sensual settings offered in Bali nurture an existing intimacy with perfumed flowers, seclusion, breathtaking views, and a unique personal touch that can only add flames to the fire of passion! Choose your unique style and surprise your loved one with an unforgettable evening in one of Bali’s most romantic restaurants, it is sure to be an evening never to be forgotten!

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