Top Reasons To Fall In Love With Kuala Lumpur

The best part of traveling to a new city is discovering what makes it unique, and Kuala Lumpur (KL) in Malaysia is in a class all by itself. Set amidst a sea of manicured green foliage, this metropolis is a stimulating destination where you can discover the ancient and the modern, the hectic and the serene and everything else in between; all harmoniously co-existing.

What To Do 

#1 Kuala Lumpur City Guided Tour


Half day Kuala Lumpur city tour

If you want to explore the sights, sounds and culture of KL, one of the best ways is with a  half day City Guided Tour . It’s a first-class affair that offers roundtrip transport from your hotel, stylish and comfortable private vehicles and the intimacy and expertise provided by your friendly and knowledgeable local guide. Although they have a basic itinerary of popular sites to see, you can customize it if you want to skip something or spend extra time at a destination. The half-day tour takes about 3 hours overall and is a fantastic way to acclimate yourself to the layout of the city and discover the museums, shopping centers and areas of interest that you may want to come back to and visit on your own. You will hit all the major sites like the famous Petronas Towers and visit several additional locations including The Old Market Square, the historic KL Railway Station, and the Royal Palace Kuala Lumpur, which was built in 1928.

Here is a selection of the best city tours:

#2 Kuala Lumpur city escape in the air


30 minutes helicopter ride over Kuala Lumpur
30 minutes helicopter ride over Kuala Lumpur

If you are looking for once in a lifetime excursion then you may want to try a helicopter tour. Experience the wonderful scenery with this aerial city tour. The beautiful scenery from high above offers excellent photo opportunities that should not be missed.  

#3 One day trip in Kampong Village to escape from Kuala Lumpur’s bustling city life

One day trip in Kampong Village to escape from Kuala Lumpur’s bustling city life
Visiting the Mah Meri natives in Kampong Village

For a full-on cultural immersion, check out the Kampong Sea Gypsies Village tour of the Malaysian countryside where you visit, interact, and have an opportunity to deeply connect with the “people of the forest� an indigenous subgroup of Senoi Aborigines who are referred to as sea gypsies because their livelihood is mainly dependent on fishing and agriculture.

Interested in Kampong Sea Gypsies Village? Check out this story

What To See

#1 Pay Hommage To Veterans at The National Monument

National War Monument
National War Monument

Set in a serene botanical garden overlooking the lush foliage of Lake Garden Park, The National Monument is a poignant and moving bronze sculpture commemorating the veterans of the “Malayan Emergency�. It was created by Felix de Weldon who is the same artist who designed the famous Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington D.C. It’s an elegant mix of both Islamic and Western architectural elements, mosaic tiles, soothing fountains and glassy ponds.

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#2 Take A Break In Little India

Weave in between hidden backstreets and narrow alleys of Kuala Lumpur
Weave in between hidden backstreets and narrow alleys of Kuala Lumpur

A real feast for the senses, Little India is an explosion of color, with its colonial buildings boldly decked out in vibrant hues of saffron, canary yellow, electric pink and seafoam blue.  Intricate mosaic tiles adorn the walls and floors of many shophouses and an alluring mix of smoldering incense and tantalizing spices like cardamom, cinnamon and masala perfume the air. Even the colorful sidewalks are framed by a series of hand-painted decorative arches, and there is no better place to enjoy a cup of chai tea under a bodhi tree, find brilliant fabrics and textiles, get a bargain on jewelry and enjoy delectable Indian curries and kebabs.

Book your food tour in the heart of Kuala Lumpur & discover the Indian food area

Book your full day Kuala Lumpur City Highlights, Petronas Tower, Batu caves & Little India with banana leaf lunch


#3 Go Down To China Town

China Town
China Town: covered market of Petaling Street

There’s no better place than the covered market of Petaling Street to spend your time in China Town. It is a shopper’s paradise set under a sea of red and gold Chinese lanterns strewn from above where everything under the sun is for sale. If you are willing to haggle for the best deals, some unbelievable bargains can be found here. You can expect the unexpected as you explore its adjacent alleys and you are likely to stumble upon gilded Chinese temples and ancient shrines.  

Book your Kuala Lumpur walk & food tour


#4 Visit The Confluence Of The Two Rivers

Kuala Lumpur Muddy River Confluence (1)
Kuala Lumpur Muddy River Confluence

Kuala Lumpur literally means the “muddy place where two rivers meet� and this historic site is where it all began. Sitting in the heart of downtown and straddling the colorful historic colonial buildings on one side and the towering steel and glass skyscrapers on the other, this is a striking line of demarcation where the future and the past converge. A rolling man-made fog of dry ice cascades along the banks of the two rivers giving way to one of the most compelling and little-known photo opportunities in the city.


#5 Spend The Day at Orchard & Hibiscus Gardens And The birds Park

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

With immaculate gardens, shaded walking paths and trails, and an on-site restaurant, this is a nature lover’s dream. It’s best to go in the early morning or in the early evening so that you can avoid the hottest part of the day. You can easily take the family and spend the entire day exploring this park. It’s a magical place to go birdwatching and see the diversity of Malaysia’s wildlife in an easygoing and carefree way.

Book your Nature In the City – Guided Tour

#6 Photo Opp at The Petronas Twin Towers 

Petronas Tower
Petronas Tower (Photo Credit: Geoffrey Morrison)

Probably the most iconic buildings in the country, the Petronas Towers are smack-dab in the center of KL’s shopping district. Although you can purchase tickets to go inside and enjoy the views from the top, you can easily get some terrific photos from the ground level. There are always plenty of locals willing to help you get the best pictures, and the easy accessibility and functionality of the grounds around the towers allow you to roam around at your leisure and take your time getting the perfect shots.  

Book your full day Kuala Lumpur City Highlights, Petronas Tower, Batu caves & Little India with banana leaf lunch


Where To Eat

#1 Explore Kuala Lumpur’s food scene

Kuala Lumpur’s food scene
Kuala Lumpur’s food scene

With the street hawkers opening early in the morning, and many of the restaurants and vendors staying open deep into the night, China Town is a food lover’s paradise. Tasty food can be found everywhere and it’s best to discover for yourself the finest shops and stalls to get crispy suckling pig, Peking duck, dim sum, steaming bowls of Chinese noodles and some of the most delectable seafood that KL has to offer.  If you are looking for some in-depth guidance on where are the best food finds, make time to go on the Off The Eaten Track culinary adventure. Explore the best of Kuala Lumpur’s food scene on a 3-hour road trip to areas like Brickfields and Petaling Jaya where you can sample the most delicious local delicacies and traditional cuisine.

Here is a selection of the best food tours:

We tested for you off the eaten track food tour in Kuala Lumpur, check our blog article .

With so many things to see, do and eat in Kuala Lumpur, it’s easy to fall in love with this city. Whether traveling alone, with friends or family, be sure to bring your camera, some spending money for souvenirs and your appetite for adventure.




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