What to do in Bali when it rains, our best back-up plans!

If you are travelling in the resort island of Bali you are certainly looking to walk in the beautiful rice fields, try your surfing skills and spend a good amount of time laying on the hot sand or next to a swimming pool… However, in a tropical country like Indonesia, outdoor activities can sometimes be delayed due to short but heavy rain episodes that run roughly from November to February. This wet season isn’t quite as bad as the monsoon can be in other parts of South-East Asia, yet you may want to have back-up options for those rainy days. We’ve selected activities for you to enjoy until the sun comes back so check carefully what follows and you’ll find out what to do in Bali when it rains!

What to do in Bali when it rains
Rainy day in Bali (Photo thanks to Pierre Heimann)

Like several countries in this part of the world, Bali has a rainy season that takes the form of -usually short- rain showers. During rainy season, the vegetation is as luxuriant as ever and photographers can enjoy the greatest colors and shapes from the flowers and plants. Clear blue skies succeed to clouds and thunder while the people adapt their daily lives in both the cities and the countryside. If the charm of those rainy days isn’t quite a motivation for you to step out, you need to consider other options for which rain isn’t an issue.

Tree Top Massage in Ubud, Bali.
Tree Top Massage in Ubud

What about taking advantage of the unfriendly weather to relax and take care of your body? The Island offers a large selection of Spa where you can get the best treatments including the world famous Balinese massage. The sound of the rain falling isn’t quite as depressing when the best therapists are focused on your wellness in a relaxing environment.  In Kuta, you can even try the nourishing and softening properties of… chocolate, with a “Chocolate Indulgence Spa Package” that offers to revitalize your body in the most delicious way, while in Ubud you can offer yourself a Tree Top Massage featuring a mango body scrub and body massage in one of the most famous of all Bali Spas located in the green Ayung river valley.

Full Day Yoga and Wellness Experience in Bali
Full Day Yoga & Wellness Experience With Organic Lunch, Massage and Floating Tank

Relaxation and wellness can also take the form of Yoga classes in the Hindu island of Bali, as many Yoga teachers from around the world have made the Island of Gods their home due to the perfect conditions it offers for this physical and spiritual activity. The laziest among you can order a private Yoga class directly at their villa with a certified teacher, while others will rather attend a Yoga class at Sanur Beach and join with fellow Yoga enthusiasts in a bamboo-made house situated on the beach.

If you plan to invest more than just a few hours of rain in taking care of yourself then you can take on a Full Day Yoga & Wellness Experience with Organic Lunch, Massage and Floating Tank and enjoy the whole panel of treatments for bodies and souls that are available in Bali.

Indonesian Cooking Class in Canggu
Traditional Indonesian Gastronomy Cooking Class in Canggu

A rainy day is also the perfect time to learn more about the great Indonesian cuisine; its ingredients, and cooking secrets. In Ubud, the volunteers of the Fair Future Foundation will bring you to a local market before teaching you how to prepare some of the most delicious Indonesian dishes. A sophisticated cooking training is available in Canggu with this Traditional Indonesian Gastronomy Food Tour & Cooking Class where you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a list of classic dishes and sauces, such as Nasi Goreng, Lawar Kacang or Sambal Matah, which ones you want to learn cooking. Those interested in finding the healing formulas of traditional drinks made of herbs and spices mixtures can opt for the Djamoe Herbal Drink Class where they will be able to try all sort of leaves, roots and flowers used in recipes from ancient Javanese books.

Mask Carving Workshop in Ubud
Mask Carving Workshop in Ubud

If you’re not into cooking, plenty other kinds of workshops are waiting for you to attend their training sessions and classes. It’s certainly the case in Ubud where a wide range of activities are available, from Mask Carving, to Batik Painting, to Silver Jewelry Making… the options are countless. You can even book a Half Day Ubud Shopping Spree tailored to suit your interests and requirements within the numerous workshops and galleries of the cultural town. Whether you want to learn traditional dances or massages, you can take the occasion of a few hours of rain to bring home a new talent or boost your creativity. This is exactly what you will do by joining this Perfume Workshop in Jimbaran that offers the excitement of creating your own favorite fragrance to bring home. And while you’re in the Bukit Peninsula, you can also attend the Devdan Show at Nusa Dua Theatre and witness the prowess of the acrobatic dancers in a performance inspired by the cultures of Indonesia, from Sumatra to Papua.

Devdan Show at Nusa Dua Theatre
Devdan Show at Nusa Dua Theatre

Finally there is another place where rain will have zero impact on you: underwater! In Sanur, the great Underwater Sea Walk experience is an easy way to witness a wide range of fishes while walking in total safety on the sea bed. You can even rent a camera and have turtles and sea-horses released around you, adding to the magic of the moment. Those who prefer to stay completely dry will be able to board the Submarine Experience in the Bay of Amuk located near Candi Dasa on the eastern coast of Bali. You will go 70 feet deep to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and fish feeding attractions during a 45-minute journey where rain doesn’t matter at all.

Underwater Sea Walk in Sanur
Underwater Sea Walk in Sanur

This is really a small sample of the thousands of activities and shows that are available in Bali when it is raining, as we don’t pretend to make an exhaustive list. We understand that you’re most likely going to spend the lion share of your time outside enjoying the warm sun anyway, but keep in mind that few hours of rain won’t ruin your day in the resort island. It can even bring you to places you would never have been, so grab the opportunity (and your umbrella) to discover another facet of Bali!


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